After completing 46 summers of operations, the Cottage View Drive-In has closed for good and our screen has gone dark. We would like to thank all of our supporters and patrons that we have hosted through the years. The Manns and their employees have proudly operated the drive-In theater for the past two decades and are equally sad that it is no longer available to us. The experience of seeing movies at the Cottage View is a special memory that can be cherished. Barb's Designs

Memories and Embroidery

A comfortable jacket, a warm sweatshirt, a worn T-Shirt or a warm drink in a mug.

By themselves, they can be simple and plain.  Combined with a custom image or embroidery they can evoke strong personal memories.

At Barb’s Designs, we work hard at finding the right combination to bring your memories to life.  We begin with quality apparels and detailed embroidery.  We help you decide on the best style and format.  We then create that special item for you.

We started our business to help others capture, share and experience their special memories.  Our high quality, finished products and embroidered clothing reflect a commitment to provide the best.  We price our products to ensure a happy customer, and also a repeat customer.